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According to the temperamentologists (those who know everything about personality types) I am almost an INTP / INFP hybrid (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking/Feeling Perceiver) with a slight preference for Thinking, and a Melancholic, with a Phlegmatic undertone according to one test.
You can read about me & the others on our WayFun 2004, WayFun 2005 and WayFun 2007 trips - travelling with GPS. (The 2007 page also contains great travel stories from other people.)
As you can see, a lot has been written about me already! (grin) As for my own writings, you can read about my quest for the perfect portable scanner. I also have a blog where I will occasionally share my stories, dreams, thoughts and opinions as well as funny/interesting/beautiful writings of others.
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A few details you still won't find in all those writings are listed below. (I may add more over time.)
Special dates (I should have celebrated):20 November 2008 (age: my year of birth in weeks)
13 August 2009 (age: 2009 weeks)
Favourite band:Evanescence
Favourite celebration:Easter!!!
Favourite season:Spring
Favourite country to visit:United Kingdom
I believe in:God, blessings in disguise, good intentions, touch as a means of heart-to-heart communication, second (3rd, 4th, 5th, ...) chances
Favourite books of the Bible:Proverbs, Ecclesiastes
Highly recommended books:Marion Altena & Sébastien van Haasteren - Soul Survey
Robert Kurson - Crashing Through
Robbie Sharma - Hiraeth: selection of poems and writings
Cause I support: 2nd Glance Ministries
Favourite website: Blindbargains.com

Listen to this - when I was a little child this sound scared me (it often featured in my nightmares) but now I just LOVE it! Apparently this sound fits my disposition perfectly. Isn't it funny how things change as we grow?
I also like the other critters you hear in this recording; gives me that ultimate carefree lazy Summer evening feeling!

The book "Hiraeth: selection of poems and writings" by Robbie Sharma (ISBN: 978-0-9554718-0-3) doesn't seem to have its own web page so I can't refer you to that. Some reviews can be found on the internet. However, I felt something was missing in each of the reviews I read so I decided to write a few lines of my own which just reflect my opinion of course.
Love is the first word that comes to mind when I think of these poems and writings: love of life, love of creation, and most of all, love of people. This book was clearly written by a deeply caring, keen observer. His love is genuine; nothing "politically correct" about it. As a consequence, even when he takes us to dark or barren places - either visible or invisible - it doesn't leave a heavy, depressing feeling.
In my opinion Robbie showed that depression, from which he suffered, is not rejection of life or the inability to enjoy it. Read the book and you meet a person who embraces life whenever he can; yet sometimes when he reaches for life it seems to stay just out of reach or it gets too hard - too painful, too exhausting - to hold on. This doesn't mean he doesn't love life though.
Honesty is another characteristic. His observations, his quest for truth and meaning, his thoughts and feelings whether they're happy or not, they're all as honest as his love of people.
I believe there's something for everyone in this book. The works are often multilayered, greatly varying in their themes and diverse in style. What I mean by multilayered is that a poem may have different dimensions: at first glance it is a "mere observation"; if you look closer it brings a smile to your face or awakens a memory and if you wander deeper into the poem you discover a message, a truth (or a glimpse of it), a wounded heart, a wondering soul.
Different people find different things as my friend and I discover now that we're reading this book together and are sharing our thoughts and feelings on it. This is a wonderful way to enhance your experience of the book as well as enrich a friendship.
Most poems are short and easy to read. They are generally "free style", not strictly bound by rules of rhyme or rhythm. This does allow for playfulness in language which results in some special gems hidden in those lines. Go on a treasure hunt! :)
For those who prefer more traditional forms of poetry, Robbie provided that too.
Apart from the poems there are a few other writings, generally philosophical and analytical in nature.
In short, a very sharp mind and a heart often aching with love come together in this book, sometimes in an embrace, sometimes in debate, but always served by keen and very alert senses.
What I believe you cannot do is read this book in one evening - or one day. Even if you set out to read this book for its observations and for first impressions, you'll sense that there is so much more and you'll be tempted to come back to it to explore.
Robbie was a Christian and it's only natural that this is reflected in his book. However, observations, emotions, truth and meaning are universal concepts in themselves so if you're not a Christian and you're not deterred by the name of God you will most likely find a lot you can relate to. It's interesting how he makes the usual daily encounters or visits come alive with possibilities, opportunities and hidden meaning. He describes a family gathering where they sit quietly together, minding their own business. He observes and describes. Now when I'm with people who seem to mind their own business I wonder if they are really in their own worlds or whether they are actually there with me, observing, connected. Such get-togethers will never be the same again! :)
The book was published in 2007 by Nath & Kiran Sharma.

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